Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Please read these Privacy Terms carefully before using the online store, its features or the service. These privacy terms are an integral part of the agreement between the Customer and Warrior Lifestyle OÜ (hereafter WLS) and the terms of use.

1. Collecting and processing the personal data

1.1  WLS collects and process the following data of the Customer:

1.1.1. The name and surname;

1.1.2. E-mail address;

1.1.3. Phone number;

1.1.4. The post address;

1.1.5. Information exchange between WLS and the Customer;

1.1.6. The IP address

2. Purpose of processing the personal data

2.1. Personal data collected about the Customer is processed only for the purpose of providing the Service, enabling the provision of the Service, and enabling the use of the Online store, among others for the following purposes:

2.1.1. to fulfill an order;

2.1.2. online store customer relationship management and customer communication;

2.1.3. compiling and researching sales and customer base analytics;

2.1.4. development of online store usability and services;

3. Method of processing the personal data

3.1 The customer's personal data is processed only to the extent that WLS has become aware of through the Online store purchase process, trough the preparation and fulfillment of the submitted order

3.2 The collected personal data is stored only for the purposes specified in clause 6 of general and purchase conditions. 

4. Retention and protection of the personal data

4.1. All collected personal data about the Customer is stored on servers located in the countries of the European Union or the European Economic Are

4.2. The personal data related to the Customer, which WLS uses for the performance of the Agreement and to ensure the performance for Agreement, will be stored for up to 3 years from the date the relevant personal data becomes available to WLS. Accounting documents are kept for 7 years in accordance with the Accounting Act.

4.3. Only members of the WLS administrative body have access to the Customer's personal information/data, who may use the data in connection with the provision of the Service and the management of the Online Store

4.4. According on applicable law, WLS may have additional obligations on retain certain personal information.

5. Sharing of personal data

5.1 WLS does not disclose the Customers' personal data to third parties, expect in the following cases:

5.1.1. For the provision of the service (for the delivery of the order submitted in the online store), a parcel card which contains only essential personal data, will be forwarded to the WLS contractual cooperation partner AS Eesti Post (hereafter Omniva);

5.1.2. For the delivery of the order, the Customer's data is transferred to the Omniva self-service platform in order to create a parcel card with which the products are delivered to the Customer;

5.1.3. In order to make payments, the necessary personal data is forwarded to one authorized payment processor, according to the Customer's choice at the payment stage of the purchase process: Maksekeskus AS or Paypal Pte. Ltd.

5.1.4. To ensure performance of the contract;

5.1.5. Due to the sale of the company, in whole or in part, or the restructuring of the company. In this case, WLS will take all necessary measures to ensure the continued protection of the Customer's personal data;

5.1.6. With the aim of improving and developing the provided Service with the help of contractual partners. Third parties are considered to be authorized processors of personal data if the processing of personal data is provided for the aforementioned purpose.


6. Customer rights in relation to personal data

6.1 The customer has the right to access the personal data collected and processed about him/her and has the right to demand the correction of inaccurate personal data

6.2 If the processing of personal data is prohibited in accordance with the applicable law, the Customer has the right to demand the termination of the processing of personal data and the closure or deletion of the processed personal data.

6.3 If the rights of the Customer are violated during the processing of personal data, the Customer has the right to apply to the Data Protection Inspectorate or a court, unless otherwise provided by law.

6.4 If the Customer's rights have been violated during the processing of personal data, the Customer has the right to demand compensation for the damage caused to him or her.

6.5 In case of any questions that the Custome has in connection with the processing of his / her personal data and these Privacy Terms, please contact him via e-mail